Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Stuff

Where do I begin...........I see the last time I wrote was in August. Well, its a new year and I am going to try too start blogging again even if its nonsense. No seriously my therapist tells me to journal because its good for the soul and its away for me to jot down memories and just rubbish. The problem with that is I hate hand writing so I decided well, maybe I should just go back to blogging again and that can be my journal. See I'm rambling just a bunch of rubbish. This past year has been a very interesting one we have had our ups & downs but we pushed on through and we are now in the new year so lets hope its a GREAT year for all of us. As for my family we are doing all well, Travis is still homeschooling, Karl is still working at Loves and were hoping soon he will be promoted. He is in his last weeks of college so he is very excited to be graduating in the spring sometime. As for me I am still hanging in there just taking care of myself and family.

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