Friday, August 6, 2010

Major Update..........hehe

WOW, its been along time since I have posted something. I guess you could say I have been busy and also lazzzzzzy too. So much has happened since I last wrote. Well, the newest thing is that we got out of the 38 ft trailer and now we are in a trailer with an add on addition, least it gives us more room. The good thing is Travis least has a bedroom to call his own and decorate it the way he wants. I must say he sure does have the decorating gene in him, I wonder where he gets that from.......LOL He still is doing home school which has its benefits but also its down falls too. Pray he will get out and socialize with his teen friends and also get involved in the community or church group. Karl's job is doing great, it looks like he'll be promoted to shift lead by the end of the summer so pray that happens or God's will be done. As for me, I'm still here just taking care of the family and trying to stay on top of things as usual.

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Marsha said...

More, more. We want more! Love you.

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