Sunday, January 23, 2011

OH Happy Days and Sad Too

I have been so excited but also stressed out at the same time. This month my hubby and I got approved to rent a town home and will be moving in March 1st. Oh do we wish we could move in sooner but that just doesn't look possible. The thing we are learning is you can't push something that doesn't want to move. The sad thing is I am going to have too get rid of one of my dogs and the one I have decided on I have had for almost 14 years. Let me tell you it is breaking my heart the closer the day comes for move out day.........I am up in the air about what to do if someone doesn't take care I know she won't make it in a shelter plus they would probably end up putting her down anyways and she has never been a single dog or been by herself. So I am considering putting her down myself so least I know where she is, I just don't want her to go to a bad family. Any ideas on this matter????

Monday, January 10, 2011


Let see, where do I about here. The other day my sons cat dropped her water bowl on his school laptop. Thats a real BIG deal because if it doesn't work we have to pay $1000.00 dollars and of course we have NO idea which hat we will pull that out of. So please pray that miraculously it will work properly again. We did let it stand up and dry completely for a few day, but when my husband turned it on which it did, it looks like there is screen damage and the mouse pad isn't working. So that is why I'm asking for some deep praying that when my husband opens it again poof it will be all better and I don't have to make that dreaded phone call to his online school. Never know they might be understanding doubt it because it states in the rules that if you break the laptop you pay for.........were praying they will be understanding =) So of course I am stressing about that BIG time and during the mean time I am having to share my laptop with him.......YIKES.
As for my hubby I'm excited that he passed his last semester and it looks like he will be promoted by the end of this month..........Oh do pray for this one he so deserves this. The stress doesn't stop there for him on the 17th of this month he starts his last courses and he's a little (big) stressed out because instead of just doing 3 courses they gave him all 5 courses that were left so he is going to be a busy man the next 14 weeks. Just keep him in y'alls prayers.

Well, I'm done for talking for now chat at ya later =)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Just Stuff

Where do I begin...........I see the last time I wrote was in August. Well, its a new year and I am going to try too start blogging again even if its nonsense. No seriously my therapist tells me to journal because its good for the soul and its away for me to jot down memories and just rubbish. The problem with that is I hate hand writing so I decided well, maybe I should just go back to blogging again and that can be my journal. See I'm rambling just a bunch of rubbish. This past year has been a very interesting one we have had our ups & downs but we pushed on through and we are now in the new year so lets hope its a GREAT year for all of us. As for my family we are doing all well, Travis is still homeschooling, Karl is still working at Loves and were hoping soon he will be promoted. He is in his last weeks of college so he is very excited to be graduating in the spring sometime. As for me I am still hanging in there just taking care of myself and family.

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