Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some Interesting Stuff on Pets

I found some interesting stuff about pets and I thought I would share somethings with you.

Did you know ???? Cat owners are up to 40% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease than non-owners. (interesting huh...)

How to easily avoid a hamster bite.......
Before you pick up your furry friend, wash your hands. If your hands smell like food, your animal might mistake your finger for a treat.

Here's another tip.... I don't know how many of you have cats as pets. Well, I do and I have one who is very disobedient when it comes to jumping on the counters. The other day I was at a Doctors appointment and this lady & I were talking about our animals well, I happened to tell her about 1 of my cats. She told me she had the same problem and she had read in a 'good housekeeping' about stopping your cat from jumping on the kitchen counter. What you do is buy those cheap transparent car floor mats that you can get in the automotive department like in Wal-Mart or Target. The key is putting them on your counters upside down where the little prickly things are facing up so when the cat jumps he gets poked. By the way cats pads are sensitive and I guess they don't like it so it prevents them, stops them from jumping. So long story is that the mats help break the habit of cat walking on counters (kitchen). So I am going to give it a try....I'll let you know if it works.


Lauren Hultman said...

Off the topic of counters, but if you put scotch tape around your cat's paws sticky side down, and put them down to walk, it's HILARIOUS. They act like the ground is hot and they try to not touch any paws to the ground. It doesn't hurt them and a cat with a good sense of humor will love the attention.

Call Me Cate said...

My cats are pretty good about staying off the counters - when we're here to supervise. I often find paw prints when we've been away for the day.

We have a welcome mat on our screened porch. It's made of that really stiff bristly material to scrape dirt off your shoes. Anyways, my Tonya cat goes to great lengths to hop over it, around it, or whatever it takes to avoid it. Rusty? Sleeps on it. He thinks it's awesome.

I stopped by to say thanks for following my blog. I'm following back.

Denise said...

Thanks for sharing.

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