Friday, June 19, 2009

Fabulous Friday!!!!!

Awesome, it’s TGIF……WooHoo!!!!! Another week counted down from when my parents return home; yes I must say it’s time for them to come back. I miss them a lot it’s not fun talking to them over the phone I want to see their face and hear their laughter. I know they are having a good ole’ time but I miss my Mom’s funny quack ups & jokes and of course my Dad’s dry not so funny humor. Can you tell I miss them????

Well, yesterday was fun Travis & I went junk’n as my Mother & I use to call it. What I mean is Travis & I went thrift store shopping and a “fabulous time”, yes we did. Let me tell you the place to go get or find books is at the thrift store, Travis came out like a bandit. I even found a $30.00 NIV Study Bible for Teens for only $3.00 plus on top of that it is in excellent condition, talk about a GREAT deal!!!!! Travis got like 12 books 8 of those were a series and the rest are just books he wanted to read and on top of that I found 3 I wanted to read. So Travis has NO excuse about saying, “he has no new books to read”. He also found himself a COWBOYS sweat shirt and of course that made his day and made mine because it was 50% off the original tag so I ended up just paying a dollar….Oh yeah, that’s what I am talk’n about!!!! Can you tell I am excited???? Thrift stores are like candy for me I never know what I am going to grab or find:).

Well, today is cleaning and baking day so I better get back to work!!!!! I hope your week has been great!!!

God Bless,

Heather :)


bp said...

You found some good deals! What kinds of books does Travis like reading?

What did you bake? Have a great weekend!!

Denise said...

Awesome deals sweetie.

Michele Williams said...

I miss junk'n! Great deals!

Love you...

Michele Williams said...

We miss you guys too!
Love you...

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