Sunday, May 17, 2009

Please Pray

Please Pray for me.........
My hives are starting to come back with a vengeance and I am starting to go crazy again. I just don't know WHY the medicines that were working are starting to not work. Please pray that I will be able to be strong and that the doctors might have another solution for me. I am going to call tomorrow and tell them whats going. Thank you & God Bless!!!


Denise said...

Sweetie, you are in my prayers. I love you.

Marsha said...

It's Dr. Aunt here making a blog call.... separation anxiety... that's what it is... a long time with out Mom around.

I sure do hope the REAL doctor can find a solution to this for you.

Love you, sweetie.

Denise said...

Happy Birthday, so glad you are in the world. I love you.

Marsha said...

Happy birthday, sweetie! Love you!
Aunt Marsha
(Saturday, May 23)

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