Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update on Dr. Appointments

AS you all know I took Karl to the Dr. She decided to change some and add some new ones. Hopefully the Advair inhaler will help with his lung spasms we did fine out that on one of his lungs the e-x-ray show he has some fibrosis scar tissue damage on his left lung strange. The Doctor ordered a bunch of blood work to be done along with a Valley Fever test, so we're waiting for the results on that. Please pray that Karl's job understands I mean he does have the sick time and all that but just knowing the way our state is and the economy it just worries me sometimes. 

Now for me I am still trying to fight this sinus and chest infection Dr. Burgio who is my surgeon did give me strong antibiotics last Thursday along with a shot of steroids said it would jump start me but I am just not feeling up to par. I mean what I am going to do I am not suppose to blow my nose or sneeze for awhile a long while. If I possibly sneeze I have to do an open mouth sneeze so I have been practicing.....lol you try to teach your brain new tricks. I need prayer y'all!!! Well, I need to get busy cleaning my house yes I know I shouldn't be doing that but you really think I can get my 14 year old lazy teenage son too do it.......YEAH  RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!! 


bp said...

Thanks for updating. Praying for you!

Marsha said...

You continue to be in our prayers, sweetie.

Love you.
Aunt Marsha and Uncle Mike

Denise said...

I am wrapping you, and your dear husband in big prayers.

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