Monday, March 9, 2009

Beauty Shop Horror's & Sunday Blessing's

Wow, I had a very interesting and fun filled weekend. Where do I begin …….Hhhmmmm lets start at the boring stuff Saturday was cleaning day, going through closest getting rid of things that no longer fit or don’t want or use . Here’s the biggie Karl (my hubby) had been bugging me for days to do something with his hair. Well, Karl’s hair has been going through some hair issues it’s called little gray hairs not wanting to comb his way developing a cal loc right on his widows peak on the top of his for head. I’m telling you ladies I think they’re worse than us some times. The beauty shop opens at 2:30 pm Sat. March 7 Karl sits down I proceed to cut his hair with clippers and scissors it didn’t look to bad I needed to do some fixing on top even out some areas. My husband has always had beautiful thick black hair and……..Now as he you can see NO hair. I actually think it’s quite a HANDSOME photo doesn’t do him Justice at all!!

Sunday we went back to North Phoenix Baptist Church we enjoy it there and so does he. Travis is starting to develop a lot of friendships which is good. His Core group leader says Travis is starting to feel comfortable enough to start sharing with others because he now knows there’s other teens out there just like him. Oh just to let you know Core groups is small group Bible study for teens they break out on Sunday evenings and talk about Spiritual Health issues….sorry.


Michele Williams said...

Oh, My.... He needs hair Heather!!! People may not know what NPBC is....

HEATHER said...
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Missy said...

I don't have a problem with bald men! Good job ;)

Thanks for your comment on my blog, its fun to post things for family that is far away!

I'm glad T is enjoying his youth group. That is such an important thing for a teenager!

Denise said...

Your husband is a handsome guy, who has a very lovely wife. There is nothing wrong with no hair.

Marsha said...

Oh my! I didn't even recognize Karl!! LOL!! He had such beautiful thick black hair. Now it's....GONE!

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