Monday, October 20, 2008

Birthday Wishes for Travis!!!!!!!!

Well, another year closer to being an adult ...UGH. I am not ready for that, its funny as mother's we say Wow time is flying by. I am actually now saying to myself slow down a little so I can take it all in, what time I have left before he leaves and goes into the world of so many temptations. I just keep praying for Gods guidance, direction, Christian wife, career, health and so much more. During these teenage years they just want to breeze through it so they can get that car, first job, and try to make it on their own. They think life is so easy, I have no idea where they come up with is idea I personally believe its a puberty thing. Ok, enough of the soap box chatter.
Travis 's birthday was fun it was just the 5 of us his family (he says). His Dad and I woke him up with flashing camera and birthday song. Poor thing then it was rime for school he actually though he was going to get a free day....HA what does he think this is.......
While he was doing his work I had to run some errands with my Mother then I ran into the house and started making "strawberry pudding cake". I am so glad it turned out I must say it was the best one yet. I know family if you are reading this Travis prefers strawberry over chocolate I don't know what I happened something went wrong in the For his birthday dinner we all went out to a Japanese Resturant he loves sushi and then came home and ate cake. Now whats left is birthday spank'ns parents love this part. Actually we just give him kisses & hugs to end the night. Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes on my Moms blog and my husband wrote beautiful tributes to Travis.
Happy Birthday my Son


BP said...

Glad he had a nice day. That strawberry pudding cake sounds good. Would you want to share that recipe?? Have a blessed day!

Missy said...

Serisously, strawberry over chocolate? Nana would be appauled!
I'm glad ya'll had a fun birthday with your teenageer! Wow, you have a teenager! Time does fly. Stop time, stop!

BTW...I LOVE Your new blog look. The pumpkin picture on the top left is so neat and now I want to do that. (except that I'm not going to)

Hope you are feeling well today :)

Denise said...

So happy that he enjoyed his day.

Marsha said...

When's Travis going to get a blog? I'd love to see him interacting with all us crazy women in his life!

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