Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alone Time

Today was a nice day I got to have some alone time with my Mother. That hasn't happened for quite some time. We aren't allowed to go out because we always spend money. Well, what can you say we love to shop. Actually Mom wanted to get some curtains for her home and while we were doing that she decided what the hay I'm going to get a new bedspread to go with the curtains. Lets just say her bedroom will be sensual but still enough manliness. Even though we enjoyed each others company our body and feet were aching but we didn't let that ruin our time together. What I think is funny after coming home and taking naps we went back out and had dinner together and for dessert she had her a "Hershey bar". Karl said something funny about Mom he said, you know I think Moms blood is chocolate because its like a blood fusion for her, when she doesn't have it she gets sick and ill and remember its the only thing that cures her stomache. I said, yep but here's the kicker when she eats chocolate everyday she looses weight. I wish that would work for me. I Love You Mom you are 1 special Lady.

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