Monday, July 21, 2008


You know I hate sweating. I know its good for the body but when you get drenched from head to toe it gets a little bothersome. The thing is I just don't perspire I drip sweat like if you were pouring water on me. You know how pigs sweat and to cool themselves down they roll around in mud. Well, maybe I need to make a big mud puddle and just roll around in it until I cool off. Wouldn't that be a sight to see. I inherited my Nana's sweat gene. Anything she would do like house work or working on her yard she would complain about sweat and gnats.
Ta ta for now have to get back to working.

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Missy said...

About Batman...since I don't know your son, I really can't say.
It depends on his maturity I guess.
There is just a lot of darnkenss about it. I would suggest getting on a site like Plugged in online and reading there very detailed description. That might help you.

The more I have thought about it today, the more I liked it though.

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