Saturday, June 27, 2009

Six Word Saturday!!!!

Lots to do with little time...........!!!!!!

Have a Blessed Weekend =)



Lindy said...

Me too, but if it doesn't get done (cleaning, etc.) I don't think I will get fired from this job! Take time to enjoy your weekend too!

Happy SWS!

Denise said...

I hear you!!

Vicki said...

The time a day holds seems to get shorter as we get older!!

Call Me Cate said...

I have a lot of time. And a lot to do. And somehow not a bit of motivation.

Thanks for playing - hope you got things done!

Queen Mama said...

Yea, that sounds like me as well! HAPPY 6WS! I am new to it, and thanks for stopping by!

hljourney said...

On most weekends - I can definately relate; actually - most days! But this past weekend greatly went smooth hanging out with my sister, put her on a plane, hung out with my oldest, and then helped hubby rearrange house for new TV! Smoothly ... not overly extendly myself - except I missed two parties on Saturday to not over extend myself.
~Hugs, HL

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