Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Need Help Please

I Need Help!!!!!
Now I know there are people in bloggy world that have dogs and cats. Well, I am in desperate need of some advice for my 6 year old Shi Tzu. Cuddles is her name, she is a very dominate female. Lately, well always she has been more aggressive than usual towards other dogs especially her dog and cat family. What can I do to stop her from being aggressive during play time?? She wants to play but when she is finished she gets real aggressive towards our 1 year old basset hound. I am afraid that her aggressiveness is going to make Lucille (basset hound) mean because Lucille is going to get fed up with it and turn on Cuddles one day. Also Lucille can't even enter a room with out her showing her teeth or growling at her. Here's another thing Cuddles is always with me she is my shadow its like when she is with me in a room or anywhere no one else can be with me or come near me. If you have any advice it would be deeply appreciated. Please help us ……

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Denise said...

Wish I could help sweetie, but I do not have a dog.

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