Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Hair!!!!!!

You're going to feel really silly when you keep reading this. Yesterday around 3:30 I took over some dinner to my parents and my hair color is a mixture of red and black. There is NO possible way I could have come home bleached my hair back too blonde and then take a picture of myself. If you look closely at the picture it was taken when we lived in the old house before the perm and all the other colors I have worn on my head this year. I know I can make a person nutty with all the crazy stuff I do but least I keep everybody on their toes. Oh, by the way the only thing I did change was I got a trim to cut off the left over dry brittle hair. Have a "great" Wednesday!!!!!
Ok I have questions to ask.....????
1. Have any of you ever done anything crazy with your hair???

2. Have you ever done something with your hair and you think you look fabulous and really you look absolutely hideous??

Love in Christ,



bp said...

I've never colored my hair or done anything crazy with it! I'm always too scared and I like it how it is. I get it cut shorter someitmes but nothing drastic!

Marsha said...

When I was in college and getting ready to meet Uncle Michael's parents for the first time, I decided to color my hair blonde. I must've done something wrong because the next thing I know, about 2 hours later my hair started breaking off, just snapping like a pretzel! Then it started changing colors on me - to GREEN! I called a beauty shop and they declared it an emergency and had me come right over. They ushered me in like I was a heart attack patient in the emergency room!
They had to cut my LONG hair (which he LOVED) VERY short and put a neutralizer on it to stop it from breaking off anymore. They had me come back 2 days later, with my green hair - and they dyed it blonde for me.

Denise said...

First, let me say, I think you are beautiful no matter what you do to your hair my friend. Before I lost my hair, I had colored it nearly every color in the rainbow.

Missy said...

I never heard that story from my mother. Weird huh?!

When I was in high school I decided I didn't want bangs anymore so I cut them off.
Guess what happens when you cut off bangs? They grow back!!!
I had this fuzz starting to grow back that eventually looked like a horn. My nickname was "Rhino", and a my friends even bought me a stuffed animal Rhino to remind me of my idioticness!

Michele Williams said...

I'm laughing so hard! I remember when Marsha did that to her hair. She was in hysterics... the world had come to an end! lol.... And Missy.... high school? That's something a three year old does! Okay, before everyone thinks I am so mean to strangers... Marsha is my sister and Missy is my niece! As you can see... the fruit falls close to the trees! lol.... I love you guys!

Hummm...I had my hair various shades of red at different times... and once when your father frosted my hair it turned strawberry blonde instead.... And then there was the time the hair dresser must have thought I was a man and she shaved my head... My hair was shorter than your fathers! I went to an ice show with a friend of mine and people thought we were gay.... we went a long with it... lol....

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