Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Travis Schooling.....

This week has been a riot I tell you. I haven’t received Travis’s text books or materials yet so we have been trying to fill 6 hour school days with contingency stuff. That means things I can print up for him to do during the mean time that doesn’t require a text book well guess what, that’s not a whole lot folks. So yesterday Travis used math skills in cooking (making dinner) oh also he used science skills to because the banana bread blew up in the oven. Thank God we needed an experiment to, so that worked out for us. Today I took him to the Library to get some books that were on his Literature list to read so he can get started on those. It’s hard to expect him to understand pre-algebra with out a text book when he has never learned it. So when they ask him to do work sheets and he has no idea what he’s doing I can’t see making him do something he doesn’t grasp. Every evening we are doing Physical education together we both need the exercise. I got him started on a typing course; oh he just loves that…lol. Just pray that his school work gets here fast real fast. I pray that all of you have a great week and fulfilling week. Teaching is a special gift from God it deals with a lot of patience.


Missy said...

Sounds lovely! 6 hours????
That is a lot.
Why so many?

I love library time too. Homeschooling would be a lot harder without it.

Hope you have a wonderful week too :)

Michele Williams said...

It will get better once his text books get there.


BP said...

You're right it does take patience! I hope the materials arrive soon!

What grade is he in?

Marsha said...

Yes, materials will definitely help. But you know there's a lot he can be doing studying the electoral process right now, learning about all that stuff... the electoral college.

You all will do great once the books arrive.

Have a blessed day!

Denise said...

Asking God to work everything out for you sweetie.

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