Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Dog Ate My Homework.......

You all know I love animals. Well, my 1 year old basset hound and the stray kitten we took in love to get into trouble together. The other day I was in the kitchen cleaning and my son was watching TV. I turned around and noticed my 2 youngest animal kids were not around, so I began to walk around and what I walked in on was…… them shredding, tearing and rolling around in there mess of papers. The funny thing is it was Travis’s math test and of course my score key for grading his work. Travis said, well I can actually say the dog ate my homework. Yeah truthfully it did happen so now I have to close my computer desk up every time I am not in the room along with the bathroom doors because they like toilet paper too. I tell ya my house is truly a “funnyfarm” you never know what to expect from my little ones. I know this might be silly to ask but my basset hound has growth of some type on her stomache by her nipple. I can't afford to take her to the vet so we are trying soem natural stuff to see if it works. So I am asking for prayer that it will go away and she will be healed.


Marsha said...

Heather, this is too funny!

A couple of years ago one of my at risk girls I was educating came to class with a mangled math book and her grandmother beside her.

'Miss Marsha, I promise you, our goat ate my math notebook and started on the book!' The grandmother confirmed this as true (she lives with her grandmother). To this day, the goat still spends time in the house because it's a special 'dwarf' kind. Doesn't matter to me, it still eats everything!

Marsha said...

I sure am missing your posts there sweetie! Love you.

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