Saturday, August 16, 2008

Intersting Stuff.......

Ok, my mom said I have to give you some actual facts well here it is.
It is common for mold to grow in a home. Mold growth is more rapid in areas with high levels of moisture. High indoor humidity, water leaks, flooding and condensation are all situations that increase the growth of mold. Some common places within a home for mold to grow include:
Basements: Moisture seepage causes mold on walls, floors, carpeting and other materials that are stored in the basement.
Crawlspaces: Cross ventilation on humid air through a cooler space or complete lack of ventilation can cause condensation. Dirt floors allow moisture and unwanted gas to enter the building envelope.
Bathrooms: Moisture causes mold on shower walls, ceramic tiles, and fiberglass. The proper use of exhaust fans can help with bathroom mold growth.
Laundry Rooms: Damp towels, wet clothing and drying clothes without a vent can cause mold growth.
Kitchens: Boiling water often using no exhaust fan can cause mold to grow. Mold is also common in automatic defrosting refrigerator pans.
Closets: Storing damp or dirty clothing can cause mold growth.
Behind Furniture: Lack of ventilation, darkness, warmth and dampness can cause mold growth.
Some common signs of mold in a home include a musty odor and the discoloration of surfaces. Mold can cause surfaces to change color to white, green, brown, black or orange. It is important to pay attention to these warning signs since mold can lead to a home's structural damage as well as produce allergens, irritants and in some cases- potentially toxic substances.

I have a medical reason to my madness. Now I don’t know how many of you know this but I make my family get a clean towel after each shower or bath. I know, some of you are saying, that’s absurd. Ok, here I go yesterday I went to the doctor and there was a health magazine. It was about towels. This is what it said, after you bathe and you hang up your towel it should dry completely before you use it again but if you live where there is humidity you should just get a fresh towel. Why, you ask because your towel can get moldy which causes bacteria. So if you use that towel again you are spreading the bacteria back on your body which then can cause skin rashes along with lesions and sores. It even said, if does dry completely you should use it maybe just 1 more time. I say forget that just get a fresh towel every time. Gross, huh well after reading that I told myself I am going to keep up with my madness and discard my wash clothes and hand towels daily in the laundry basket.


Missy said...

I am a bad using towels over and over person, however you MAY have changed my mind for my husbands sake. He has Chrones disease and one of the side effects is pserisis...he gets bad scabbys of it, and the towel thing with the bacteria in a wound could make it worse. I will tell him to change his towel. But only him...I already have enough laundry ;)

Heather said...

I am sorry to hear that about your husband I heard chrones disease is painful. I will definantly keep that in my prayers. You are so funny so your hubby gets a clean one and all re-use. I can understand the laundry thing though the 3 of us make so much but most of it is

Michele W. said...

Now I have an excuse to purchase some more towels! Yeah... shopping!


Kristi said...

We only use fresh towels and I don't live in a high humidity area. I guess that makes us towel snobs! I seem to do a load of laundry every day because I just really enjoy the fresh towel smell and I really don't like bacteria. It ranks right up there w/ skunks! :-) Have a blessed day.

Marsha said...

Heather, you go girl!! In our house, we only use a fresh towel and wash cloth because of of the mold issue. When company comes, unlike a certain daughter of mine who posted on here, I make sure they have plenty of clean towels and wash clothes. It's just no big deal washing the towels. Even when the kids were little I told them to use clean towels and wash clothes especially. I've failed as a mother. ;(

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