Monday, August 11, 2008


I am so excited my hubby is on vacation starting today. He'll be home the whole week with us. He'll get too see what home schooling Travis is all about and how difficult and stressful at times it can be. Hopefully I can get him to do some stuff around here like cleaning and straitening up his closet for one. Mom has already added something’s to his "to do list" too. It will be nice just to have him home it’s been quite sometime since he's taken off. Now will get to eat early again like 5:00pm instead 6:30 or 7:00pm it’s hard on our stomachs eating that late I know especially for my parents. My family has been complaining about dinner they what me to spice it up again like I used too, so I am going to make some interesting foods and desserts. It’s going to be Heather's cafe this week so sit back and enjoy.


Karl said...

Hey Angellove I just wanted to leave a little message for you. Fist I like the changes that you made with your blog but I know that your going to add the rest of the things that you had on it. I also wanted to tell you that it will be nice being home with you and Travis, I have missed being home with you guys during the week and not seeing you guys until I get home at 6:30.

Love you

Marsha said...

Love the new look, Heather! So bright and cheery. Very nice!

Have a good time with Karl home with week - don't work him too hard now.

Missy said...

I hope Heathers Cafe prints a menu ;)

Heather said...

Haha Missy I have dishes that I just make up while I go. Some turn out and others go in the trash. I did make homemade spanish rice it was nice and spicy because I accidently dumped to much cayenne pepper so I tryed to hide with salsa. I didn't get any complaints but now they will know why it was spicy.

Kristi said...

What time does Heather's Cafe serve dinner? It sounds like a fun week. Blessings to you!

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