Monday, August 4, 2008

What Else Is There To Do........?

Well, today was a restless day for me. It was either sleep so I don't scratch myself or clean and move furniture around. I decided to move the living room around after pondering for several days on how I am going to move this around where it will look nice and comfy. So while Travis was doing his home school I was doing my thing. I knew I was eventually going to get tired of where the furniture was sitting but you know ladies this is away to clean around and under things. Oh, the joy of kids and animals you wouldn't believe the things I found. Travis's ring he thought he lost, food wrappers, money (which I keep), and needless to say toys from the munchkins (animals). But.... as I sit and look at the work I did I agree with Missy I could have my own show. Now where my couch and Hubby's chair we can all enjoy each others company by talking to each other because were facing one another or we can watch TV together. Travis likes it because we can now play games on the coffee table. So I guess I did something My parents think I did it so I wouldn't have to cook tonight , well that was true but tonight was the first time they cooked dinner in there apartment for the five of us. I have to say it was quite nice not to have to clean up and wash dishes.....woooohooo. Hears the kicker my husband has always been clumsy as he was getting up from the table and backing up he broke , crunched poor Kylies food bowl......oops. So actually there was a clean up on his end, he hates when he does stupid stuff it just makes him feel so bad the rest of the night cause he can't help his clumsiness it just comes naturally to him. Well, ladies its time to relax and enjoy my family.
Tata for now.....


Michele W. said...

I knew you didn't want to cook tonight! I still got out of cooking... your father was the cook and clean up man! Poor Kylie, she was looking for her food bowl after you left! That's alright... we still love you Karl.

Heather wants to move our furniture around... we like it the way it is... I must say.. I'm not one to move furniture around and decorate and redecorate. She didn't get that gene from me.


Missy said...

Oh I have that Gene so bad. I love to rearrange...hmm, maybe I should rearrange something right now!
It's just nice to have a change sometimes...even if you just re position the pictures on the wall.

Glad for you for no clean up tonight! Anytime you don't have to cook and clean is a good day :)

Marsha said...

Pictures, pictures! We want pictures!

Yes, you and Missy definitely have the Eleanore gene. I used to have it, but I think it left me the last few years.

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