Friday, August 8, 2008


Hello my Friends,
I am so happy that my husband Karl has decided to join the blogging world. So if you have time please visit his website at
I know he would deeply appreciate it. He is such an amazing man who loves God passionantly it has been my pleasure to be his wife. I thank God everyday for bringing him in mine and Travis's life he has been our rock through good and hard times.


Kristi said...

I just read your comment about the "salami" incident. I can't quit laughing. Oh, we have all said things like that before. Thanks for helping me laugh uncontrollably. Oh, I needed that!

Nancie said...

Hi Heather, I just visited Karl's blog. So glad that he is joining us in blogging. Praying that he will have a very blessed experience (just like the way we do) in sharing God's goodness to him as he walk with the Lord and to get to know God's precious children :)

I am thankful to God for blessing you with one another, a lovely son, Michele and family. I am greatly blessed by all your friendships. Though we are still new to one another, the bond that is binding us together in Christ warms my heart. I thank God that I can meet you and Michele through blogging, and now through you to meet Karl.

Hope you like the Share the Love and Friendship awards as tokens of my appreciation of your precious friendship and encouragement.

Thank you for your encouraging comments on my blog. Hope to get to know you better in the days. Take care. May God bless you and family abundantly!

Missy said...

HMMM...I've been so busy, I will have to take a look! My husband blogs is very fun to see that part of our other halves!

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