Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorry but need to VENT

Oh, the things we do to make our loved ones happy. I truly think my husband is getting me back for this weekend when I moved our bedroom furniture around. My husband and son want the video game system to be hooked up too the internet so they can get some of the older games. So what do I do I once again move my living room furniture around so it is closer to the computer which is in my room? Now I am going to have 2 black wires through out the house, “joy”. As you can see I am not amused because just last week I moved the living room around and it looked very nice and roomy and I was happy with the arrangement. Now I have to figure out how to set it up all over again its different when I get into the mood to rearrange things not because I have too.
Here’s funny # 1 my kitten (Gomez) that we found and took in he is constantly climbing up my curtains they are ruined needless to say. He is relentless we spank him and tell him no and he just looks at you like your dumb. This is the 1st cat we have ever had that is a climber, we even went and got him cat post and other toys and he prefers to play with dog toys. Don’t get me wrong I love him but he drives me CRAZY.
Funny #2 we must be nuts or just crazy to share our bed with our basset hound, Shi Tzu, and cats I just have to say thank goodness we have a king size bed. At times it can be a real nuisance I mean to kiss my husband good night we have to maneuver around them. I tell you were a funny farm in here, oh I forget to mention that when we get done kissing we have to kiss our animals good night too or they think they are missing out on something. I tell you we are crazy, crazy folks.
Last but not least funny #3 my teenage son is going through puberty. His voice is cracking and he thinks its time to shave, let me tell you have more facial hair then he does….lol. The other day he asked his Father when did you start shaving my husband answered back at 12 years old. Now I need to explain something to you he is Spanish, Italian and German descent he is very hairy needless to say he looks like he has leg warmers on. My husband proceeded to tell Travis that when he was in 7th grade he had a mustache and some hair on his chin. Kids thought he was a high school student who flunked a few grades. He told Travis the longer you can wait the better, I don’t know why they think its going to be cool to shave. I despise shaving I think it’s a nuisance but for Travis it’s just getting closer to being a man.
Well, I think I am done venting for now thanks for listening.
God Bless


Marsha said...

Oh, you'll get it arranged beautifully in no time!

Funny farms...I couldn't stand having the animals in my dog snores and has gas. I guess that's kinda like some husbands!

I've tagged you for a little fun game. Come over to my blog for the details.

Love you.

Missy said...

Our one cat stresses me out too much and it's only allowed downstairs.
When we go to Mom and Dads though, Logan loves it if Lucky the dog can sleep inside with him. He will sleep on the floor just to be near the dog.

Sorry about your rearranging thing. That stinks!

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