Monday, August 4, 2008

The Joy of Memories......

This morning when I read my Aunt and Missy’s blog about my cousin Laura I started to reminisce on the past. I remember going to my Nana’s and Papa’s house in Eagles Mere and the minute you walked in you could smell fresh baked cookies and pipe tobacco. We also took many walks on the laurel path where there was a big rock that over looked the lake and papa would tell us stories. We would also walk to get the mail and newspaper everyday. Sometimes Papa and I would pick fresh blueberries for Nana so she could bake something yummy with them that day. Also us girls (cousins) would spend the night and we would have so much fun playing games with Nana and going down to the tennis courts and riding bikes which Missy always had to have the girl bike because she was to short. I remember one year us girls wanted to be in the 4th of July parade so we decorated the bikes and of course I fell off my bike and got tar all over my legs and arms and papa cleaned me up with gasoline because that was the only thing that would take it off. I also remember being stuck in our rooms for hours when our moms would get into deep conversations with Nana. We would try to sneak down and listen but we always got caught. It’s funny to know that my cousin Laura is so far away from home because when she was little she would always get homesick. She also had this homemade animal pillow that went with her every where. I wonder if she still has it. I wonder if Missy remembers this but there use to be a family that would come up to Eagles Mere that lived in the house next door. Missy and I had a crush on the same boy I don’t remember his name but Missy would sit in front of the mirror for hours it seemed putting on make up and doing her hair. It drove Laura and me crazy because we couldn’t do anything unless Missy was with us. I mean like walk down to the general store or go rent a paddle boat she was the oldest by a year. I also remember all of us girls including our mom and nana we would all go out shopping to the country stores that was always fun because it was just us girls. We also would go toboggan which is a long sled that held maybe 6 people and you would slide down the ice real fast the only thing that was not fun was walking back up the huge hill to have another run at it. There are so many more I could tell you but these were the ones that came to mind. I so miss my family back East you don’t realize how much you need them in your life until you’ve been gone for so many years. I love you all.


Marsha said...

Good memories! Eagles Mere was a terrific place full of nostalgia. I remember those parades - I have lots of pictures of you all in the parades. The Candy Shop was y'alls favorite place though. There just isn't any place like it on earth I don't think. I almost posted a picture of the story rock. I have one with my 3 kids on the rock looking out over the lake. Maybe I'll put that one up this week.

We've talked about renting their old place for a couple of days when Laura comes home on furlough. It's a rental now and still called "The Maples". Wouldn't that be fun!

Maybe someday you all will get to come back east for a visit or to stay.

Missy said...

Most of my greatest childhood memories are surrounded by Eagles Mere!
I don't remember that boys name either, but I do remember being obsessed with make up...sorry ya'll had to wait on me :)
And thanks for bringing up the fact that I am short! Still am actually. 5 foot even.
How is it that you call Chris Papa and we call him Grandpa?
I miss them. Whenever I smell noxema I immedietly think of Nana.
Great memories...thanks for posting them!!!
This family blogging thing is a lot of fun :)

Heather said...

Eagles Mere was an awesome time for all of us. Nana also used dove soap or caress and of course she can't go with out her listerene mouth wash. I just hope I am as beauitful as her when I am her age. Nana has aged so gracefully.
Do you remember when we had that family reunion and the 3 of us went walking with Tommy and Amy you fell and spained your ankle and Tommy carried you home on his back? I have always called Chris(Papa Chris) I never knew anything different.

Michele W. said...

I love those memories as well. Best times we ever had together. I will always cherrish the four years we spent close to mom's... Two hours is better than 5 days trip (one way). My family would go there at least twice a month to visit Nana and Papa. I miss you all so much! I'm so emotional right now... have to stop!
Love you daughter... and family

The Sawyers said...

We all have such wonderful memories of that place. I cried for days when I found out they were moving from there. Those memories are a haven for me. Us girls did have a lot of fun there. And yes I did get home sick. But you know Nana cured me of that! Heather you must have missed the winter we were there and Missy and I went sliding. Sounds like fun huh? Well not really, Missy made me pull her UP the hill after we went down together!
What great memories we have together. Praise God!

PS I like to use Dove soap becasue it reminds me of Nana. And by the way I tried Grandpa's pipe one time...not a good idea!

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